Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello World

Welcome to the inaugural post of my game dev blog, here I'll talk about what I've done so far in game development and what I plan to do in the future. My name is Paul Suddaby and I'm a Computer Science major entering second year. I'm spending the summer making an as of yet unnamed game and this blog is where I'll talk about that game and my creation process, mostly for myself, but for those reading, you can enjoy it too.

But first I'm just going to show you guys the projects I've previously done (at least the ones that aren't on my dead hard drive).

So, first off, I took part in the 21st Ludum Dare (my first and only Ludum Dare so far) and made a game called Followed, which you can find the competition entry page for here and I blogged about it on my Ludum Dare page. I was pretty happy with the results, as I got 8th in fun and tied for 15th overall. Here's a screenshot.

Next I did my part in a team during the 2011 Great Canadian Appathon where we made a cute little fishing game that next us a beautiful 1000$ in prize money for winning Best Application Concept and placed us in the top 10 in canada. I have a screenshot for you (P.S, it's also a part of the blog background), but the rest of this project got destroyed along with my old laptop (which a friend of mine jumped on). Also, it's on Windows Phone 7, and statistically speaking, it's safe to assume you don't have one.

Last but not least, there's my Global Game Jam entry for this year, also with a team, that ended up becoming Solstice (again, it's a competition page). We tied for first place in the competition, so I was definitely happy. One of the artists, Wilson Yeung and I turned it into this. It's a flash game, but it was never fully prepared for publishing as it doesn't have an ending so the files are still scattered. All you need to do is open the zip file you'll download and then drag the swf into any browser. 

There are also some XNA projects I worked pretty hard on, including my Metroidvania engine with a player levelling system and the element-shifting-phase-walking puzzle game that I personally really liked, but those are unfortunately lost in the abyss of my destroyed hard drive.

So, that's pretty much me, keep on reading in the coming weeks to hear about my next badass project. I promise the posts won't be this long. This blog is sort of centred around being a forum for design discussion, as that's where my true passion lies. If you have any comments on this or any future posts, do not hesitate to reply below or send me an e-mail at Blogs are only as good as the readers, so guys and girls, it's on you.

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